Specials/Schedule Of Events
Daily Beer Specials:

Monday:  Brewery Of The Month Special
                   $4.00 Well Drinks

Tuesday:   Daily Draft Special
Wednesday: $2.75 Domestic Pints
                            $1.00 Off Craft Beer Pints
                            $1.00 Off Fireball Shots
Thursday:  $1.00 Off All Pitchers
                        $1.00 Off All Bottled Craft Beer
                        $3.00 Domestic Bottled Beer
Friday: Daily Draft Special

Saturday: Daily Draft Special

Sunday: Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Lite - $2.75/pt
                 $5.00 Bloody Marys

Sunday - (Dine in Only!!)
1-2-3 Wings
$1.00 off small order (5 wings)
$2.00 off large order (10 wings)
$3.00 off extra large order (15 wings)

Monday - (Dine in Only!!)
12 oz Ribeye with Fries - $12.99

Tuesday - (Dine in Only!!)
Full Rack of Ribs with Fries and
a garnish of cole slaw ...... $16.99

Fish and Chips - $8.00
(New one size w/ larger fish filet)

Meatloaf Platter - $7.49